Photography and Audiovisual

A photographic contest about Coffe

The coffee company Moak, within the project “Moak Cultura” and in collaboration with Archinet, has announced for the year 2019 the sixth edition of the international photography competition “Fuori Fuoco Moak”. The competition is open to all photographers, professionals and amateurs, who want to tell a story or create a mini-reportage through a sequence of 3 images that refer to coffee. The coffe can be understood both in the strict sense (as a plant, seed, drink, public place or other), and evoked through the creativity of the author. The deadline for sending the works is 9 September 2019. RUFA students are not required to pay any registration fee.

One of the new features of this year is the special students’ award, aimed at members of the most prestigious schools, which will allow them to participate free of charge in a workshop organized by the magazine “IL FOTOGRAFO” during 2020.

The works will be judged by Denis Curti (president), Maurizio Galimberti, Massimo Siragusa, Vicky Gitto, Ambra Palermi and Marco Lentini. The complete regulation and all the details are available at

At the time of registration, RUFA students can request an ad hoc free ticket from the secretariat of the contest. For any further information, please contact or the numbers 339.5918219 and 393.0965902.