Multimedia Arts and Design

From 28 to 30 June Pergola (PU) hosts the Festival of digital arts

Rufa is academic partner of Blooming Festival, the event born from the desire to promote different artistic expressions of research in the field of digital culture, music and electronic arts. The ultimate aim of the project is to encourage the active participation of spectators in the new artistic languages, bringing them closer to forms of expression that are engaging and partly yet to be explored. A vocation that is also reflected in the name of the project itself. Blooming, in fact, means flowering, almost to underline the renaissance of digital arts. Artists, makers, coders and designers are ready to show their talent, giving shape and substance to an explosive creativity, magnificent and kaleidoscopic in shapes and colors.

The location is evocative: the historic centre of Pergola (PU) is destined to become a multimedia laboratory, with interactive installations and live performances. Some places in the city, normally closed to the public or open only on rare occasions, become theatre. From 28 to 30 June, the characteristic historic centre of the Marche region reveals its intimacy, with projections, images and sounds that stimulate wonder and curiosity.

In this scenario RUFA is the absolute protagonist: students of the course of Multimedia arts and design Laura Arcangeli, Daniela Gentile, Filippo Gualazzi, Emanuela Mottola and Yunfeng Liu, coordinated by Caterina Tomeo, will be present at the festival with ad hoc installations.
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