Visual and Innovation Design

RUFA: “Tracks of freedom”, the second edition

A project aimed at training, in the sense of globality. About a year after the first edition, the doors of the School of Visual Arts in New York reopen for RUFA students, in order to give shape and substance to an “exchange experience” that perfectly reflects the search for contemporaneity inherent in the operational mission of the two cultural institutions.
Tracks of Freedom” is back: thanks to the agreement between the two Academies, a full immersion training program has been structured that will allow a delegation of RUFA students to spend ten days in the prestigious American school, combining study and project work. In the same way SVA students will return the visit, for a methodological comparison, but above all to get in touch with the immaterial value of “made in Italy”.
Overall, the stay will last ten days in the “Big Apple”, between May 11 and 20: a unique opportunity for those who attend the RUFA master’s degree courses. The delegation, composed of twelve students, will be led by the teachers Mario Rullo and Emanuele Cappelli. A professional specialization that fits perfectly into a wider process of career start up. The SVA, and it is good to underline it, is one of the most prestigious schools of communication in the world. Located in the heart of Manhattan, it allows you to experience the teaching in an enveloping way, meeting designers and professionals. In this overall vision, the goal is to remodel the theme of “Freedom”, to represent the electrifying dynamism, the symbolic and creative force of New York, using all the techniques and languages of contemporary communication: from brand identity to advertising. 
The works produced will then be included in an exhibition and cognitive path that will be installed in the RUFA Pastificio Cerere headquarters, in the heart of the San Lorenzo district in Rome, to provide an even more marked imprinting to the project’s aims. “Tracks of Freedom”, in terms of content and objectives, fits perfectly into the internationalization plan that RUFA has already addressed this year and which will culminate with the celebration of the first double decade since its foundation. Twenty years ago the Rome University of Fine Arts started its teaching activities to become, in this short period of time, one of the most famous and accredited cultural institutions of the art – system.