“La musica Attuale”. Photos and video of the meeting with Mirkoeilcane

After the “premiere” with the band “Le Ore” a new appointment animated the format “La Musica Attuale”, conceived by the group iCompany and married by RUFA to explore and get to know the new horizons of the national art scene. Riccardo De Stefano, journalist of ExitWeel, interviewed between music and words Mirkoeilcane, singer-songwriter but also appreciated composer of soundtracks for cinema. Everything took place in the post-industrial scenario of the RUFA Pastificio Cerere headquarters, between the Terrazza and the Semoleria: an ideal synthesis of memory and design. In the playlist the artist gave his audience not only social themes and emotional relationships, but also an intimate and personal journey into the purest and most authentic inspiration.

La Musica Attuale - Mirkoeilcane