RUFA Contest, final selection of the works in view of the final phase

The work of approaching the 2019 edition of the RUFA Contest is proceeding tightly. The theme chosen by the artistic director Emanuele Cappelli is connected to the concept of “La Divina estetica”. A theme that goes to decline in the literal construct generated by the same teacher: “It is right in front of you that I can not resist. When I feel your soul I abandon my reason. What I see, strikes what I feel, and your divine power is a lightning bolt under the skin”. The RUFA Contest 2019, the fifth in the series, aims to celebrate the form: because the many words make confusion. The ultimate goal is to think without disturbances and approximations.
In recent weeks on the website www.unirufa.it has been published the announcement that the students of the Academy of Fine Arts legally recognized by the Miur have made their own, presenting ideas and projects on the subject. The internal Commission has done its work, following a first selection, thus determining the admission to the second phase of the contest of 49 different experiences. For the final drafting of the papers there is time until April 29. This is the deadline set to allow the reflections to turn into content. In May the 25 finalists will be announced, in addition to the works out of competition that will participate in the masterclass. The winner of the RUFA Contest will be entitled to a cash prize of 2 thousand 500 euros, in addition to a return air ticket for one person. 
1. Beauty in diversity / Achille Aurora
2. Silent / Alfieri Giusy
3. Convergences / Ansanelli Francesca
4. Prudentia / Antonelli Francesca
5. Guiding Night / Archangels Laura
6. Narcissus / Augenti Aurora
7. Sympatheia / Baldari Caterina
8. Diversity Wall / Barchiesi Matteo
9. Butterfly / Barrel Debora
10. Se(e)nse of Beauty / Baron Benedetta
11. Paper Monsters / Bartoli Alesso
12. Everything changes, nothing perishes / Bernardini Sara
13. “I am your only God” / Bonciani Flaminia
14. The line – what remains / Bottero Silvia
15. Close your eyes. Imagine / Caceres Valeria
16. Empathy / Cannistraci Cristina
17. Paradigma / Cappabianca Valeria
18. “Contemporary Beauty” / Lorenzo Chapel
19. The Nature of Beauty / Cavinato Maria
20. Tenet / Cermentini Claudia
21. Beauty at the service of the beholder / Consalvo Paolo
22. LONE ORANGE: the deviance of Mars / Cornacchini Francesca
23. If you see a star, call 911 / Corongiu Roberta
24. SEN5E / De Vita Carmine
25. Nec aut verbis exprimere / Di Rocco Anna
26. Ex_tasis / Floris Francesco
27. Divine imperfection / France Federica
28. Viewpoints / Fraschetti Federico
29. Particula / Dear Daniela
30. Rinascente / Gualazzi Filippo
31. Fill it up / Van Camilla
32. One Second of Eternity / Hong Alessio
33. In-visibile-The white that makes the invisible visible / Iannini Ilaria
34. Sol Invictus / Incantalupo Francesco
35. The essential is invisible to the eyes / Giulia Frog Lenses
36. CHENG / Liu Yunfeng
37. So is life / Longo Amedeo
38. Semiotic primitive dance / Myceli Davide
39. Childlike Wonder / Moriconi Xavier
40. Impact / Orezzi Elena
41. Project Genos / Petricca Rodolfo
42. Prometheus / Petruzzi Nicola
43. Only / Politano Francesco
44. THE DREAM OF MAN / Qunizi Francesca
45. Name: potential energy Year: 2018 / Sager Hamida
47. Life / Softa Flavia
48. Elusive / Sword Claudia
49. Breathe / Zemel Michal
Out of competition, the following 2 projects submitted by former RUFA graduate students:
1. Antennati / Mino Capuano
2. ☀ / Alain Parroni