The RUFA teacher Raffaele Simongini, with his brother Gabriele, signs the book “Franco Simongini. The poetic act of documenting art”.

Not only a specific and detailed documentary text, but a gesture of love for art. The RUFA teacher Raffaele Simongini, in concert with his brother Gabriele, has printed the volume “Franco Simongini. The poetic act of documenting art”, a tribute not only to the family, to a poet, a writer and a director who invented a new kind of documentary, recounting art as a news event, in the conviction that the eye of the poet and that of the director can coincide, revealing the unexpected and often extraordinary aspects of a reality without preordained schemes or prejudices. Of this path remain today the images, indelible and unique, of a golden age of public television, with the works that reach the masses, shaking them in the rediscovery of beauty. A feeling that has certainly anticipated the work of contemporary communicators. A book to read and see in the presentation that will take place in Piazza Ferro di Cavallo, 3 (Academy of Fine Arts) in Rome Friday, April 5 at 17.30