RUFA Pastificio Cerere, in the Solo Exhibition program the exhibition “From… To”

An attempt to follow the course of the words, understand their meaning and go beyond the ink, beyond the sound of a voice. This is the starting point for the project “From… To” that the visual arts student Silvia Bottero has created as part of the “Solo Exhibition” programme. The experience, which will last until next June, in collaboration with the lecturers, intends to put the students in front of the organizational difficulties of an exhibition: not only content, therefore, but also the practical aspects of management and communication.

“From… To” was an expressive exploration of words, with the aim of giving to dialogue an importance that allows to connect the verb to the gesture from which it starts. Words thus speak of states of mind and, depending on the context, they change meaning. Its weight and lightness, spontaneity and fear should be tasted.