A contest aimed at enhancing the European flag

Each flag, by definition, represents a state or a group of states, the most interesting aspect of the flag of Europe is that it represents “a community of people entering and leaving”. The stars, with their points facing upwards and equidistant from each other, represent the twelve signs of the zodiac and tell the main characters of every human being. It is in this scenario, which recalls the decision made in 1955 to give form and substance to a flag that could identify the values of aggregation of Europe that the Lazio Region, ARF! The festival of comics, Aiccre Lazio and Lazio Creativo wanted to launch a contest to enhance the universality of the symbol of the European flag.
The invitation addressed to the students and to the RUFA community consists in telling the story of the extraordinary nature of the European flag, putting their talent at the service of a work capable of telling the story of the power of the message of the “Flag of Europe” without setting too many limits to artistic expression.

The work can be: a comic strip (.pdf format); an illustration (traditional or digital, .pdf or .tif format); an animated product (.mp4 or .avi format); a video clip (.mp4 or .avi format); a text in prose (.doc or .rtf format). A jury of experts, chaired by Lorenzo Ceccotti, in art LRNZ, designer, director, illustrator, artist in the round, will evaluate the works and decide the winner. For the winner there will be a cash prize of 1,500 euro; 1,000 for the second; 500 for the third. The three winning works will also be exhibited at the stand of the Lazio Region present at the fifth edition of ARF! Festival on 24, 25 and 26 May 2019 at the Mattatio in Rome.

The competition is open to all those born and / or resident in Rome and Lazio up to 35 years of age, even if already made. The work can be made individually or in groups and must be sent no later than midnight on May 16 2019 to the email All the information on ARF! website.