Fine Arts


Relation between art and context, ten RUFA students involved

A total of ten students will participate in the first edition of “Seminaria per le Accademie”. The project involves the construction of some environmental installations in listening and dialogue with the village of Maranola – Formia, in the province of Latina. The artistic event focuses on the relationship between work and context and is part of the training program “Fuori dal Museo_incontri sull’arte ambientale”, proposed by the association Seminaria.
The exhibition, which will open on May 26, is the final stage of a journey that the students began in March during a one-week residence. The work was designed to allow the students to outline with greater awareness the path of exploration of the village, based on an understanding of the spatial context, the study of the concept of site and situation specific and relational practices.

Tracing the tracks of some of the best artists on the national scene, hosted in Maranola during the five editions of the Festival Biennale di Arte Ambientale di Seminaria, RUFA students will disseminate their installations in the alleys, corners and squares of the ancient village.

Works on display:
Silvia Bottero – Niatnuom
Giselle Cantonetti – Presumably 6 knots from the west
Cennetoglu Beers – Braid
Giulia Di Franco – The sense of measure
Camilla Van – Maranola Nut
Qirui Lin – Umbilical Cord
Cinzia Holland – Welcome
Magali May Petrocchi – Six thousand inhabitants
Perfect Charlotte – Indomitable
Jessica Zanini – Vago