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Sculpture and Installations

Ice-cream makers on stage: performance by Camilla Gurgone and Nicola Petruzzi

In the middle of a post-truth era, where we hardly distinguish reality from fiction, the “Zero degrees Frozen yogurt” ice cream shop is the artistic (consumer) product most suited to our times: a kind of “fake moment”, a probable daily moment where everything can be true, but at the same time it can be false.

The staging that the RUFA students of the sculpture course Camilla Gurgone and Nicola Petruzzi use is an initial play on words given by the name of their activity, 0 °, the temperature needed to produce ice cream, which aims to focus on reducing the distance between real and fictional, between what it is and what it seems.

During the performance, in fact, disguised as ice cream makers behind their ‘cart’, the artists will invite users to buy their own Frozen Yogurt personalized with toppings and gaskets of their choice. After the purchase, the spectators will discover, between perplexity and enthusiasm, that each product on sale is fake, faithfully reproduced with the appearance of the original products through the use of sculptural materials (plaster, colored paints and plastics). The performance aims to emphasize the constant feeling of doubt between what we believe and what we see.

The ice-cream makers are waiting for you on 5 July 2019 from 11.00 am to 4.00 pm at RUFA – Pastificio Cerere.
Don’t miss it.