A project for women’s cinema

The cultural association “SPIN-OFF” presents the project “Cinema d’autrice. Tutta un’altra storia”: the first festival entirely dedicated to women who work in and for the cinema. The initiative, curated by Elena Tenga and Valentina Paravano, is realized in collaboration with the Istitut Francais Saint Louis.

Specifically, these are three days that will take place from 18 to 20 September. During this time, women of different generations, professionals, experts in the field and students will meet to discuss what it means, in Italy and Europe, to work in and for the cinema. A field in which the female presence, in Italy, is still 9%.

Cinema d’autrice is intended to be a crossroads in which experiences, stories and generations meet and begin to weave a network of relationships, giving visibility to first works and films that find it difficult to distribute in the major circuits and to open a reflection on the entire chain of female cinema.

The day of September 19 will be dedicated to the “young promises” and is all designed in relation to the students of film schools and girls who are going to finish high school. Among the opportunities offered there is also a competition for shorts. Each school will be able to present an audiovisual work lasting up to 10 minutes by one of its students. The works will be evaluated by a jury and the best will be awarded the prize “Cinema d’autre. Young promises”. The deadline for registration is 6 September 2019. For more information and to send applications and materials: