Graphic design

RUFA and the German Embassy on display at the Maxxi to celebrate the Bauhaus

Two cultures that intertwine, between lines and research in the artistic field, but not only. From 6 to 13 October, Germany tells its story to Italy: a total of twenty cities are involved, ready to host more than a hundred events, including concerts, exhibitions, shows, thematic meetings, educational moments dedicated to social life and entertainment, in a calendar that sees the interaction of the highest German cultural institutions. Obviously Rome could not be missing, with RUFA becoming an integral part of this complex program, giving shape and substance to an exhibition project aimed at collecting the experiences of the Bauhaus. “100 BAUHAUS: L’eredità in un Manifesto” is the title of an exhibition that will take place at the Maxxi and that was strongly desired by the Embassy based in the capital.

The exhibition, created by the students of RUFA Graphic Design course, aims to develop the concept of research in the field of visual communication, using the same exploration techniques as the Bauhaus. The aim of the initiative, coordinated by the lecturer Paolo Buonaiuto and also supported by the Goethe Institut, was to generate a series of handmade posters: no software or technical support, only creativity. The visual products are not only graphic, but express themselves through the return of different methodologies, which have then been reflected in what is the material aspect related to communication. The interest shown by the students of the Academy of Fine Arts demonstrates, 100 years later, how the historical and cultural phenomenon of the Bauhaus, is alive more than ever.
The program of the German week in Italy, with the prophetic title “Non farmi muro” is also the right opportunity to start a reflection thirty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall. And it is exactly the legacy of freedom and hope that that event has offered the world, which today we want to enhance, following the vision of a common future among different nations, in the sign of art, literature, music, cinema and innovation.

“The participation of RUFA – Rome University of Fine Arts – explained the director arch. Fabio Mongelli – is relevant from a twofold point of view: not only does it give due credit to Bauhaus, a very high point of research and artistic production, but above all it reinforces the concept of integration, between Italy and Germany, which in terms of expression has never been interrupted.