RUFA at As Film Festival

There is really a lot of RUFA in the sixth edition of the film festival realized with the active participation of people in autistic condition. “As Film Festival”, this is the name of the event that will take place from 16 to 18 November in Rome at the National Museum of XXI Century Arts (MAXXI), offers a selection of 46 short films, identified among more than 3400 films from over 100 countries, divided into three competitive sections: Italian, international and animation cinema.

Three professors from the Rome University of Fine Arts: Raffaele Simongini, Claudio Spuri and Christian Angeli will be on the technical jury that will draw up the final rankings. Their work is certainly not easy. It is a matter of evaluating works that denounce violence and bullying, that talk about redemption, inclusion, tolerance and that investigate reality through the eyes of young authors, many of them at their debut. In this difficult task will be assisted by a group of RUFA students who will give the judgment the right note of freshness.

The members who make up the two juries are:
Teodoro De Monticelli, Sim Levi Tezel, Aldo Federico Brandonisio, Giulia Tovazzi, Dario Pepe for the international courts;
Luca Cozzolino, Claudia Frisardi, Daniele Pellecchia, Amparo Lavezzo, Niccolò Maria Consolo for the Italian courts.

AsFF is a different festival because, while promoting correct information on the theme of autism, it supports film culture as a tool for social inclusion. The participants in the project meet, watch films, discuss in a protected context where friendships and affections can be born. In fact, the festival is only the last phase of an exciting journey. In other words, AsFF is a necessary project: a small cultural event with free admission that promotes quality cinema and, at the same time, allows those who organize it to feel an active part of the social and cultural life of the country. RUFA is an official partner of the festival.