Photography and Audiovisual

Nell’ambito di Videocittà il progetto “Rome will tear us apart – Flâneur 2.0”

RUFA – Rome University of Fine Arts, with the project “Rome will tear us apart – Flâneur 2.0” exhibited from 25 to 27 November at RUFA Space via degli Ausoni 7, has joined the second edition of the “Festival delle Visioni di Videocittà“. Created by Francesco Rutelli, president of “Anica – Associazione nazionale industrie cinematografiche audiovisive multimediali“, and directed by Francesco Dobrovich, Videocittà is realized with the support of Regione Lazio, Lazio Creativo, Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, Roma Capitale Assessorato alla crescita culturale.

The initiative aims to raise awareness of the contemporary that art, image and movement are able to generate. The entire city of Rome is wrapped in this wave of innovation: museums, galleries, foundations, associations embrace the theme of video art with great enthusiasm and sense of participation. In this context RUFA finds its ideal dimension, contaminating the declinations of images and sounds in a unique context, which catalyzes thoughts and words.

The San Lorenzo district, the popular and cultural agora of the capital, is the centre of this process: RUFA Pastificio Cerere, in via degli Ausoni 7, with its refined post-industrial design, is the place designated to make real an ideative path aimed at denying what is conventional and banal.

Rome will tear us apart – Flâneur 2.0” is a journey into research. If you live in a metropolis it is difficult for you to maintain an attitude of contemplative detachment, especially when you feel particular feelings, full of contradictions. You have to find the strength to live the city with a disinterested gaze in order to loose yourself along the streets and the squares as in a forest full of symbols. Walk aimlessly to reveal possible correspondences between sounds and images and capture details that usually you can’t see, because you are overwhelmed by the chaotic everyday life or by a sudden despair.
The human being, as in a love story, lives every day in the uncertainty of losing something. There is the suspicion that the solid foundations on which the passion for Rome is based could slowly disintegrate under the blows of a sleepy decadence. Only in that instant, with a veil of melancholy, someone could stop and sing:
“Quando l’abitudine logora
E le ambizioni sono basse
E il risentimento vola alto
Ma le emozioni non crescono
E noi stiamo cambiando tragitto
Prendendo strade diverse
Allora l’amore, l’amore ci farà a pezzi di nuovo”.
Rome will tear us apart.

Inspired by Charles Baudelaire and Walter Benjamin, a well-trained patrol of students, armed with digital cameras, led by three lecturers, Alessandro Carpentieri, Stefano Compagnucci and Raffaele Simongini, who share the common faith in moving images, realized, wandering around the neighborhoods of Rome, four original videos each lasting about ten minutes. The soundtrack was realized by editing sounds recorded along the capital’s streets and countryside with repertory voices, taken from YouTube, of celebrities from the world of entertainment, art, politics and customs, who have represented Romanity over half a century, between vices and virtues.
The voices are by Federico Fellini and Anna Magnani, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Vittorio Gassman, Carlo Verdone, Ettore Petrolini, Achille Bonito Oliva, Giorgio de Chirico and Franco Simongini, Mario Schifano, Francesco Totti, Alvaro Vitali, Bombolo, Remo Remotti, while the vocal sequences are taken from “Ecce Bombo” by Nanni Moretti, “Lo chiamavano Jeeg Robot” by Gabriele Mainetti and “Non essere cattivo” by Claudio Caligari.

Students of the Bachelor of arts in Photography
Martina Acanfora, Rachele Alessandrelli, Sareh Asgarian, Arianna Ciarimboli, Daniele Cimaglia, Niccolò Consolo, Antonio Cornacchia, Flavia Daniele, Angelo De Marchis, Eduardo De Matteis, Claudia Frisardi, Amparo Lavezzo, Paola Ledderucci, Denise Mazzarella, Noemi Montaleone, Alessia Mugnari, Federica Pace, Chiara Pellegrini, Asia Pierotti, Riccardo Pisetti, Arianna Santini, Francesca Santoro, Arianna Savo, Giovanna Scozzese, Vanessa Spirito, Angela Strano, Lorenzo Valle, Agnese Zingaretti.

Main partner of Videocittà: Eni, Intesa Sanpaolo and TIM.
Main Media & Content Partner of Videocittà is Rai that participates in the event with a series of specific projects of RAI STORIA, RAI TECHE, RAI FICTION, RAI RAGAZZI, RAI CINEMA.
Videocittà is realized in partnership with MAXXI, with the support of ANICA and avails itself of the media partnership of IGPDecaux.

The initiative is part of the program of Contemporaneamente Roma 2019 promoted by Roma Capitale – Assessorato alla crescita culturale.