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RUFA is partner of Sunset Drive-In

At the movies? In the car! So to experience, as if it were a time machine, the sensations of films like “Grease”, mirror of an entire generation. RUFA is partner of Sunset Drive-In, the “en-plein-air” space located inside the Cinecittà Studios that, from now on, will allow you to experience the emotions of the seventh art in a completely immersive and safe way, staying in your car, without giving up a good movie. Specifically, the area identified is the one located in front of the Theatre 3: it is over 6 thousand square meters that will allow passengers of 130 cars to experience the projections on a screen of 100 square meters.

Sunset Drive-In proposes itself as a sort of “manifesto” of film culture and audiovisual pleasure. The main objective of the experience is to act as an alternative to collective enjoyment, guaranteeing a moment of social recreation in full respect of Covid-19’s preventive measures. This initiative, starting on 3 July, will continue until next October, with a programme created specifically to satisfy young and old alike, in the name of sharing. A journey between genres and types, with a careful look at the great directors who have made the history of cinema.

Everything has been structured under the banner of digitization. Sunset Drive-In offers an entertainment experience in which it will be possible to take advantage of numerous types of service: from ticket purchase with choice of parking space to check-in via smartphone, without forgetting the possibility of ordering your favourite dish and drink with digital payment and audio accessibility via FM channel. The cinema will be open three days a week, from Friday to Sunday. It will offer two screenings in the evening: the first from 9pm and the second afterwards, with films of all kinds, depending on the time of day and the target audience. For the RUFA community there is also a reduction on admission! All info on Sunset Drive-In.