On Amazon Prime the film by Gianlorenzo Grassi

It is entitled “La finestra sul mare” and is a film made by Gianlorenzo Grassi. For the former RUFA student the reasons of pride are not few: the film has been selected by the Amazon Prime platform and is now available for everyone, all over the world.

For Gianlorenzo Grassi, a graduate of the Bachelor of Arts in Cinema, this is a confirmation of the excellent work he has done in recent years, first as a student and then as an active protagonist of a new creative industry, committed to orienting future market and style choices.

The story focuses on the perplexities and expectations of Sara, a young Neapolitan orphan living in her grandparents’house. But upon their death she is forced, despite herself, to leave the house where she has always lived. With the help of her two cousins, Alessio and Federica, she manages to overcome her grief. Also available the trailer for a short preview of the movie.

Gianlorenzo Grassi wrote the screenplay and directed it. The photography was entrusted to Nicola Cera and the protagonists were Alexia Cozzi, Francesca Della Ragione and Dario Schiavone. The entire project was produced with the support of Persico Film.