RUFA is searching for lecturers for the BA course in “Sustainable Fashion Design”

Established professionals, capable of declining experiences and skills, favoring the emotional involvement of students. RUFA is constantly on the lookout for people capable of enhancing the performance of the many training courses it provides, and thus of responding to the many stimuli of the global creative industry.

It is precisely in this context that the recruitment process to define the body of lecturers for the course in Sustainable Fashion Design, to which RUFA will give shape and substance as soon as possible, as yet another contribution to the enhancement of Made in Italy.

It is important to emphasize how decisive the human factor is in the various phases of the selection process. People are bearers not only of the skills envisaged by the educational plan, but above all they are repositories of a high relational ability, to facilitate the process of synergic and proactive involvement with students.

Fashion, from RUFA’s point of view, does not want to be only a place dedicated to future stylists and designers, but it also intends to be open to those who wish to approach this sector from the creative, cultural and artistic aspects. The lecturers will be called upon to train designers with theoretical-critical knowledge, technical-practical and transversal (personal, social and methodological) skills capable of collaborating with experts from other disciplines.

Fashion at RUFA wants to be a territory of creative exploration and technological innovation, integrating the principles of circular economy and environmental and social sustainability.