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Multimedia Arts and Design

EXXTRA at the Dancity M.A.S.

After the inauguration at RUFA Space and the experience at the Superdesign Show, EXXTRA, the exhibition project of the School of Multimedia arts and design, arrives in Foligno for the Dancity M.A.S., the new department of Dancity Festival dedicated to media art and the many artistic languages interconnected with contemporary culture.

The exhibition, which will be open from 28 to 30 December, will be presented together with works by internationally renowned artists, including Shu Lea Cheang, Tabita Rezaire and Francis Sosta, numerous projects by emerging artists discovered through an open call, and a rich selection of talks focusing on the theme “FAKE YOURSELF”.

The EXXTRA project

EXXTRA is a project curated by Daniele Falchi and coordinated by Giulio Pernice, involving the students of the second year of the two-year course in Multimedia arts and design. Specifically, at the Palazzo Candiotti space in the Umbrian city, an extract from the exhibition will be presented containing three works that reflect, each in its own way, on the push towards digitalisation caused by the current pandemic situation.

The progressive loss of the human dimension in favour of the digital condition has created a relational paradox that is difficult to explain. EXXTRA aims to collect these stimuli in order to reason about other worlds, other sexualities, other living species, which are extra compared to the current world.

Through the interactivity of the works, the spectator is called upon to participate in the first person in the exhibition, bringing the body back to the centre.

The three projects fit perfectly into the vision of the cultural association Dancity, which has been working in Foligno since 2006, combining tradition and innovation. After the one-year stop caused by the pandemic, Dancity Festival is enriched by this new section, curated by Daniele Falchi, in which RUFA students’ experimentations will find the necessary space to create a network of sharing in central Italy.


FLOW by Consuelo Donati
The hybrid man-machine has been transformed in little more than thirty years from a purely fantastic figure into an everyday experience. This immersive virtual reality experience explores the concept of the expanded body within the extended and confusing space that is the web. There is no gravity within the internet networks that weave and multiply endlessly like an invisible spider’s web, suspended who knows where.

The connected body “covers” the body that multiplies, shatters in the network, manifesting its intentionality in the world and for the other world. What this new condition presents is precisely this re-(e)volution of the body, or rather its “fluid mutation”.

The physical body is transformed into a fluid body, travelling in other dimensions. Generally speaking, fluids are considered to be materials that have the capacity to continuously vary their form, adapting to the container, Flow becomes the container for this expanded, fluid body, suspended in a warm, relaxed desert.

HOLOX by Daniele Falchi and Simone Tecchia
The project aims to investigate – in the form of an interactive installation – the complex phenomenon of extinction, focusing on its behavioural matrix. Ecosystems that have survived the great mass extinctions suggest the adaptive peculiarities of living beings, which are, however, prone to destruction should alien elements or habitat modifications intervene. In this context, the behavioural factor plays a central role, determining the adaptation and subsequent evolution of the species contained in the ecosystem.

The installation sees the creation of a holographic cell in continuous expansion, determined by the alien presence of the spectator who – with his movements within the space – will influence its evolution or cause its extinction.

FIT(IN)TERFACE by Silvia Parolini
The body as a complex system with no end, mobilises its functions by expanding on the screen of a television, while touch acquires value (and pleasure) as it pedals and rests its hands on the handlebars of an exercise bike. An exercise bike placed in space becomes the gateway, the link, the contact bridge between the user’s body and the immaterial space of a geo-digital journey: a desert of strange lost archaeologies navigated in real time.

Today, the big fashion and beauty-culture brands are eager to combine with sophisticated technologies to ‘augment’ the consumer experience in order to stimulate the purchase of beauty products. How will our wellness gadgets of the future be transformed by these scenarios? This project speculates on the sensory and spiritual potential of these new beauty-tech trends. Rely on your fitness equipment, your amazing physical performance and get ready to discover your boundless virtual corporeity.

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28-30 December 2021
Dancity Festival – Dancity M.A.S.
Via Federico Frezzi, 2/4

Coordinator: Giulio Pernice
Curator: Daniele Falchi
Artists: Consuelo Donati, Daniele Falchi, Silvia Parolini, Simone Tecchia.