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Call for artists “La visione di Leonardo”

RUFA students are invited to participate in the selection for the “La Visione di Leonardo” artistic residency project, the aim of which is to produce a widespread exhibition in augmented reality.

Participation is free and there is a fee of 2500 euros for each of the eight selected artists who will join the program and the objectives of the artistic residency.

The “Leonardo’s Vision” project envisages the creation of a museum itinerary that crosses Milan through the places of Leonardo da Vinci, ending at the Leonardo da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology. Each stage will show a digital installation by the author in which content relating to Leonardo will be conveyed through three-dimensional animations and an audio story. The goal is to develop a new display technique starting from augmented reality technologies, capable of expanding the museum space, reaching new national and international audiences and offering new experiences to visitors already intercepted by the Museum, as well as to the citizens of Milan.

The goal of the call is to intercept and engage eight artists with leading skills in the field of three-dimensional multimedia production. The selected artists will have the opportunity to participate in a collaborative and interdisciplinary artistic residency. The research, design, production and implementation path will follow a structured program and foresees the supervision of the curator of the Leonardo Art & Science Museum and art historian Claudio Giorgione, the organizational and technical management of Bepart and the consultancy of two cultural companies, eArs in the field of audio production and AerariumChain in the field of three-dimensional scans. During the residency period, each of the participants will develop a new digital artistic work by hand.

Who is it for?

The call is aimed at 3D artists with interdisciplinary skills in the field of multimedia production. By way of example, we are looking for skills such as graphic and game design, modeling, animation and three-dimensional programming, visual fx, 3D art, technical art. To this end, knowledge and use of at least one of the main 3D graphics software (Maya, Blender, Cinema 4D, etc.) is required and knowledge of the Unity render engine is recommended. Each of the selected artists will perform the
production of the works with own means, such as licenses and hardware. We are looking for artists, even emerging ones, who carry out the activity with many years of experience.
Participation is open to anyone, regardless of age, gender, origin. The residency and its activities will take place in Italian. A sufficient knowledge of the Italian language is therefore required.

The artistic residence

The artistic residency will take place both in person and remotely and in its production phase will last three months, starting with the three-day kick off meeting in presence, scheduled at the National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci in Milan on 21, 22 and 23 February 2022. Further details on the calendar of activities are explained in ART.2 of the Call for artists.

How to apply and deadline

Applications must be sent by 11:59 pm on Sunday 23 January 2022, using the form available at this link.
Before compiling it is recommended to consult the full text of the call for artists available at this link. Participants in the Call will be notified of the outcome of the selection no later than Friday 28 January 2022. Further information can be requested by sending an email to which undertakes to reply within one working day.