Visual and Innovation Design

Octopus Toolbox, the new project by RUFA students

Congratulations to the RUFA students of Visual and Innovation Design Beatrice Rossi and Giulia Mangoni for the creation of Octopus Toolbox, the new editorial project in digital format in collaboration with MACRO – Museum of Contemporary Art. The project was conceived by the two students in the context of thesis path, with the support of RUFA professors Mario Rullo and Nicola Di Cosmo.

Octopus Toolbox is a free digital project designed to introduce children aged 6 to 11 to contemporary artistic languages.

The toolbox will be sent to primary schools throughout the country and can be downloaded from the MACRO website in the Education section. Students are encouraged to discover what contemporary art is, what a museum is and how the MACRO Museum for Preventive Imagination is structured through digital and innovative teaching contents. The Octopus Toolbox is divided into eight chapters: each chapter represents a room in the museum and develops its concept through interactive activities designed from a didactic point of view. The final product is an interactive PDF that can be used in the classroom or at home through the use of digital devices. The activities are first presented digitally within the toolbox, then the possibility to download and print the cards to perform them is provided.

The octopus – famous symbol of the museum –  will come to life and “guide” the debate in the classroom through keywords and suggestions to stimulate reflection and discussion. The activities were designed in collaboration with MACRO coordinator of educational activities, while the graphic project was developed in collaboration with the museum’s creative team. The design of the Octopus Toolbox follows the guidelines of MACRO visual identity, whose palette – composed of eight different colors – was used to identify the rooms of the museum and characterize the product.