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A curse on my years, if I am lying!

The Performance Art programme resulting from the collaboration between Maja Arte Contemporanea and RUFA continues with “A curse on my years, if I am lying!” by artist and RUFA student Anica Huck.


Curated by lecturer Fabrizio Pizzuto.
Performer: Anica Huck
Co-performers: Luisa Fagiolo, Camilla Olimpia Zecca e Silvana Prestipino G.

A milk bath “as a beauty recipe” is the focus of the performance by Anica Huck, who who uses – during her action – mother’s milk: a natural element, which however often arouses conflicting feelings, from repulsion to fascination.

The title of the performance . avvenuta nel cuore di Roma nella suggestiva cornice di Maja Arte Contemporanea – is a quotation from the book ‘Burning Lights’ by Bella Chagall (Belarus 1895 – New York 1944), in which the writer describes – among other memories – the traditional Belarusian thermal baths, narrating them as places of rebirth.

The objectification of the performer’s body through the (partially painful) process of purification contrasts with the initial beauty of the scene. This work investigates the ritual dynamics of human constellations on a psychological social and cultural levels, interweaving various aspects: intimacy, subtlety, delicacy power and liberation.

Anica Huck

Visual artist and performer (Erfurt, Germany, 1985), lives and works in Rome. Her artistic production is based on scientific methods and visual phenomena. Her interdisciplinary approach derives from previous training and professional experience in geosciences and geopolitics at the European Space Agency and the European Commission. She is currently enrolled a master’s degree course at the University of Fine Arts in Rome (RUFA). Among others, she won the public call for bids ‘Piazze romane’ issued by the Municipality of Rome and developed the site-specific project ‘Ephemeral City: art, science, madness’.

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