Fine Arts

Friday 17 artists – RUFA exhibition at the Nuova Pesa

RUFA Visual Arts students have exhibited their works in the historic Roman gallery La Nuova Pesa as part of the ‘Friday 17 Artists’ exhibition.
A project curated by lecturers Andrea Aquilanti and Fabrizio Pizzuto.

The La Nuova Pesa gallery is inaugurating a new cycle of exhibitions entitled “Accade!”, in which it will host a selection of students from Italy’s most important fine arts academies. Friday 17th June the gallery made its debut with the exhibition “Friday 17 artists”, which have displayed the works of 12 students from the two-year RUFA Visual Arts course: Vanshika Agrawal, Lorenzo Cappella, Marina Collard, Michael Di Rosa, Giulia Di Pasquale, Alexandra Fongaro Federica Griesi, Anica Huck, Davide Miceli, Giulia Romolo, Giulia Saccà, Wang Yuxiang, together with five students from ABAQ L’Aquila: Adriano Briano, Lorenzo Desideri, Gaia Liberatore, Ferdinando Mazzitelli and Alessandro Piermarini.

“Friday 17 artists” through various languages, from painting to installation, from sculpture to performance, surprises with a focus on a deep and sensitive poetic imagery, almost discreet, intimate but not necessarily unrelated to current events or social issues. They seem to recount a profound genesis of the almost primordial and retinal, imaginative and sensitive construction of the very first and fundamental relationship between the deepest self and the other.

It is about looking at the contemporary world and new forms of expression with virgin eyes. Not necessarily with new media: it is the new eye that speaks to us. Rather, it is a matter of resetting or rethinking the medium. Painting and sculpture, for example, often appear to us as places of representation and restitution of vision. These artists reflect the epoch and the world, they imbue themselves with images and re-present them transfigured, emotional, vibrant. The subjects belong to our own life, but they are its lyrical, emotional variant, subject and object at the same time, matter that is scratched or dilated into filaments, forms that are rendered as sensation of matter, or poetics of sensation, conscious presence, often enveloping the emotional character of a space. Artists who turn to the contemporary era to make it a medium for thought and action/reflection.

We look forward to seeing you at the official opening on Friday 17 June at 6 pm at the Nuova Pesa Gallery in Via del Corso 530.

Special thanks to:
Maria D’Alesio, Director of the L’Aquila Academy of Fine Arts
Marta Jovanovic of the RUFA Academy for coordination