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Videomakers for a renewable and clean world

New opportunity for RUFA students: Fidelio and Gruppo Hope launch a call for young videomakers to talk about the importance of a sustainable and green world

Applicants are asked to make a short video about climate change and its impact on our daily lives and the renewable energies that are indispensable to face the coming decades.
Fidelio, an audiovisual and event production company, and the Hope Group, which operates in the field of green hydrogen production from renewable sources – specialising in the design, construction and management of green hydrogen production plants and renewable energy production from wind, sun and biomass – are launching a call for entries aimed at video makers and digital storytellers of all ages who care about caring for the environment, the production of energy from renewable sources based on green hydrogen, and technological innovation as a driver of the change needed in times of global warming.

The outline is simple: the projects must, in every possible format, narrate the importance of a sustainable, green world.

Interested participants should realise and submit a short video, of a maximum duration of 10′, on the subject of climate change and its impact on our daily lives and renewable energies in the general context of the necessary economic, social, productive and cultural innovation needed to face the coming decades.
The competition is open to videomakers without age limits. The video file in MP4 format must be sent by Sunday 25 September 2022 exclusively by e-mail to

The Jury – made up of personalities from the world of culture and national audiovisual production – will unquestionably select a winner (who will receive a prize of €8,000) and two mentions (who will both receive a prize of €1,000).

Download the call