Guenda Cermel Intervista Carlotta Orlando

Fashion design sostenibile

A chat with Carlotta Orlando, founder of Giglio Tigrato

New Instagram Live appointment with Carlotta Orlando, young Founder of the upcycling brand Giglio Tigrato. Guenda Cermel, coordinator of the RUFA academic course in Sustainable Fashion Design, will conduct the interview.

Born in 1998, Milanese, Carlotta Orlando chooses to combine her passion for art, fashion and upcycling. Six months after the start of a pandemic that shocked the entire world, she chose to take part in the battle for more responsible fashion, transforming her grandmother’s attic into her Atelier. From that day, on the top floor of a building in Milan, unique garments and limited series collections come to life, of vintage and non-vintage garments, entirely made according to the dictates of sustainability: Giglio Tigrato paints, cuts and fashions, producing only Made in Italy garments by collaborating with small tailors and young companies in our region.

For Giglio Tigrato, sustainability and upcycling mean durability, quality and versatility. Its garments, simple in form and often playful in print and colour, are designed to become that one item in one’s wardrobe that one will never feel satisfied with.

Tiger Lily is not only a flower that comes from Asia, but also the Princess who lives on Neverland. Just like on Peter Pan’s island, the Tiger Lily atelier is the place where everything is possible for Carlotta and her collaborators, even dismantling the crazy and destructive logic of a fashion that is slowly destroying our planet.
In a world where everything goes fast and unrealistic ideals are chased, the Giglio Tigrato team invites us to take a break to look inside, explore our tastes and personalities, discover what we really need.

Follow the Live on the RUFA Instagram channel on Wednesday 14 September at 13:30!