Keyble’ at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas

KEYBLE, Wearable Technology device designed by designer Ely Rozenberg in collaboration with Italian startup Flywallet, was presented and exhibited in the Italian Pavilion of the Consumer Electric Show 2023 of Las Vegas, the world’s largest event for consumer technology products.

Among the authors of the project UX/UI Designer Francesca Romana Rossi, former RUFA student of the Master of Arts’ programme in Visual and Innovation Design, as part of which she attended the Wearable Technology course held by lecturer Ely Rozenberg.

The result of three years of research and development, ‘Keyble’ is a wearable device for biometric identification with multiple levels. In 2021/22, the project’s design was awarded the “GOOD DESIGN ©” of Chicago Athenaeum Museum.
Made from environmentally sustainable materials and inspired by the tradition of Made in Italy, it consists of a smart module to be inserted in fashion accessories such as bracelets or straps and is equipped with biometric sensors for user authentication and to monitor vital parameters with medical precision.
Through the fingerprint or heartbeat and ECG (electrocardiogram), the user enables contactless payments in shops, password-free access to online services, ticketing, loyalty cards, access to gyms, offices and homes, opening cars and digital identity.
Keyble will obtain certification as a medical device to perform analysis of cardiac arrhythmias, blood oxygen saturation and body temperature.
The uniqueness of Keyble is the dual biometric verification of the user: fingerprint and ECG without the need to remember codes, without the need to use a mobile phone and without ‘closed ecosystem’ limitations as it is with some popular platforms.

Junior Designer: Tommaso Ferrini
UX/ UI Designer: Francesca Romana Rossi
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