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Fine Arts

Vite di IMI. Percorsi dal fronte di guerra ai lager tedeschi

On Monday 8 May 2023, at the Museum realised by the ANRP, Lives of IMI (Italian Military internees), located at Via Labicana 15, Rome, three new sculptures will be unveiled in the Courtyard of Memory, in the presence of the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany, Viktor Elbling.

Following a meeting organised by the Association together with a number of German artists, a commission chaired by Gianluca Murasecchi, a lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, selected for permanent display in the Cortile della Memoria, the works of artists Janine v Thüngen Reichenbach, Lukas Liese and Anica Huck, a RUFA Fine Arts graduate.
The museum’s exhibition is a historical-educational itinerary dedicated to the unarmed resistance of the 650,000 Italian soldiers who were captured by the Germans after 8 September 1943 and who, having refused to collaborate with Nazi-Fascism, were sent to the Lagers of the Third Reich.

Anica Huck

Erfurt, Germany, 1985. Visual and performance artist based in Rome, RUFA graduate in Fine Arts. Her works operate in a fine arts tradition of utilising scientific methods and visual phenomena conceptually. Her cross-disciplinary approach stems from prior education and professional experience in the geosciences and geopolitics.
Previously, she worked for the European Space Agency and the European Commission. Among others, she has won the public tender ‘Piazze romane’ issued by the Municipio Roma and developed the site – specific project ‘Ephemeral city: art, science, madness’ in 2021.