Let's Talk - Maria Chiara Valacchi

Art Curating and Management

Let’s Talk Art with Maria Chiara Valacchi

A new appointment to discover the contents of the RUFA Master’s in Art Curating and Management, through a quick Q&A between the Master’s coordinator – the art critic and historian Fabrizio Pizzuto – and Maria Chiara Valacchi, lecturer of the module Art Communication: media and methods.

Fabrizio Pizzuto: How would you briefly define communication in the art world today?

Maria Chiara Valacchi: Information related to the world of art – and communication in general – has undergone, and is still undergoing, a profound and continuous transformation thanks to the advent of social networks. This transformation has promoted the propagation of many contents that have become easier to access, however it has also contributed, in many different cases, to the corruption of their quality.
I believe that today, while adapting to the times and the new methods of dissemination, it is necessary to develop effective, dynamic and timely communication while never losing sight of the content.

FB: What characteristics must a communication have today to be effective?

MCV: I believe that there are two fundamental characteristics today: the creation and dissemination of high quality images that can adequately support the publication of any information on the now countless virtual platforms and, in addition, the presence of a text that adequately describes the project with clear and precise information – i.e. without getting lost in critical superstructures and personal interpretations – so as to provide the user with the necessary, and never invasive, tools for getting to know any subject.

FB: What is essential for a modern curator to be able to do?

MCV: Above all, to study and be as aware as possible of the complex history surrounding our subject matter; I also consider it essential to be informed about what is happening in the cultural sphere today, even if this is not strictly related to the art system itself; in short, to embrace the transversality of aesthetic languages while focusing on the in-depth study of a specific one.

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