Presentazione Tecnomagia

Multimedia Arts and Design

Presentation of the volume “Tecnomagia. Estasi, totem e incantesimi nella cultura digitale”

We look forward to seeing you at RUFA for the presentation of Vincenzo Susca’s book, edited by RUFA REf – Romaeuropa Festival: “Tecnomagia. Estasi, totem e incantesimi nella cultura digitale“, Edizioni Mimesis, Milan 2022.
5 October 2023 at 6PM – Via degli Ausoni 7/A, Pastificio Cerere

At the height of its history, every technique always takes on a magical resonance with astonishing and frightening features. In the current era, this process invests the human being, who has become the object, and not the subject, of a metamorphosis that transcends and surpasses his rational, biological and social qualities.
The panoply of emojis, trolls, fake worlds, stories, creepypasta, challenges, nudes and avatars in the streams of the Web, as well as the proliferation of old and new fetishes in everyday life, reveal a truth that is emerging in our time: technology ceases to be the art of logos and transforms itself – on Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitch or OnlyFans – into a technomagy capable of fostering the communion of communities, machines, organic and inorganic forms around passions, icons and totems, within wireless chains of which the individual is no longer the main actor.

The author of the book Vincenzo Susca (sociologist of the imaginary and mediologist at the Paul-Valéry University of Montpellier) and Claudia Attimonelli (socio-semiologist and mediologist at the University of Bari Aldo Moro) will participate in the talk.
The meeting will be moderated by Caterina Tomeo (Coordinator of RUFA Master’s programme in Multimedia Arts and Design).
Speakers will include Vittoria Borelli (graduate student at the Pontifical Lateran University), and RUFA students of Multimedia Arts and Design who were freely inspired by techno-magic and the themes of the book to create a series of immersive virtual environments, which will soon be exhibited at the Romaeuropa Festival: Francesca Battaglia, Lucrezia Mariotti, Federica Silli Bentivoglio, Martina Carbone, Daniele Imani Nobar and the Blivet collective.

Where and when
5 October
h 6:00 – 8:00 PM
RUFA Space, Pastificio Cerere – Via degli Ausoni 7/A
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