Toxic Love – Scholarship Contest

A call for reflection. RUFA has promoted a contest open to all students attending the last year of Italian higher education institutions with the aim of promoting the adoption of healthy behaviour in emotional relationships.

The objective of the contest “TOXIC LOVE – Esprimi l’invisibile” is to promote awareness and prevention of toxic behaviour in relationships through artistic expression.
We invite high school students to make creative products that have as their subject matter issues related to the world of toxic behaviour in the world of relationships: how to recognise red flags, prevent stalking, love bombing, ghosting, aggression, gender-based violence and other harmful behaviour in relationships and sexuality.
Creative proposals should reflect the principles of health psychology, focusing on promoting mental well-being, preventing toxic behaviour and creating healthy relationships. Examples of toxic behaviour in relationships may include excessive jealousy, obsessive control, emotional manipulation (such as gaslighting, which makes the victim doubt their own sanity), or isolation from the social and family circle. We encourage participants to reflect on the psychological consequences of such behaviour and to propose creative solutions that can make people aware of the presence of risks in relationships.

Each candidate may freely choose the techniques for realising their project – a sculpture, an installation, a pictorial, graphic, multimedia, interactive work, a poster/poster, a video, a social campaign or other – but the mode of proposal submission is exclusively digital, providing one or more images and/or a short video.

To the contest “Toxic Love: esprimi l’invisibile” it is possible to participate individually. Entries can only be made digitally, by accessing the appropriate form on this page. The works will be evaluated on the basis of creativity, communicative effectiveness, psychological sensitivity, relevance to the theme and ability to promote awareness and prevention of toxic behaviour in relationships.


The winner will receive a scholarship worth €4,000 to be used as a reduction on the academic tuition fee for the first year, in any RUFA Level I Academic Course, and regardless of the reference ISEE bracket.
The award ceremony will take place at the RUFA Campus in via Giuseppe Libetta 7, in the presence of the Psychologist Psychotherapist Camilla Stellato, the Criminologist and Forensic Psychologist Edoardo Genovese, and René Angeramo, Psychologist Psychotherapist, Head of the RUFA Orientation Team and creator of the project. On this occasion, the two guest speakers, in addition to announcing the winner, will give a significant talk on the topic of toxic relationships and the importance of mental wellbeing.

How to participate

1) Please fill in the form below, entering your name, surname, e-mail address and home school.
2) You will receive an automatic e-mail confirming your registration for the contest.
3) Monitor the e-mail address you registered with, in a few days you will receive an official invitation (by e-mail) to access the RUFAContest platform, where you can upload your project.

The deadline for uploading your project to the RUFAContest platform is 26 April 2024.
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