Artista - Marco Taurino

Marco Taurino – Adapta

Class of: 1995
Nationality: Italiana | Italian
Degree course: Graphic Design

He obtained a BA degree in graphic design and a MA degree in visual & innovation design at RUFA where he designed weareables, advertising campaigns and brand identities; he won “Rufa prize for talent” and “MTV prize, Rufa contest 2017”. Through UX, interaction, service design, design thinking and strategy he realises that long-term user-centred concepts and strategies are worth more than anything. He studied dynamic visuals and created the identity of the event “Solid Light” in Rome in collaboration with Fendi under the direction of E.Cappelli. He attended a masterclass at SVA with L.Talarico and S.Heller. As master thesis he creates with Francesco Floris D’ECO, a mag addressed to designers with contribution and approval from figures such as R.Falcinelli, E.Vitale, A.Accatino and G.Allegri. He refines design and work management as a solo designer and in groups directed by him for companies such as Cristaltec and in teams for FAO and WHO. With Intorno Design he designed the cosmetics brand Ganlife and laid the foundations of a new generative identity for Pordenone Design Week.

Adapta. Generative brand

A distinctive trait that stands out without compromise.

Therefore, my identification as a visual designer can only take place through a dynamic brand inispired by the initial of my name, a choice that embodies the relationship I am committed to building with my clients and fellow human beings, a relationship grounded on mutual respect and, above all, trust. Most professionals use the initial of their surname as a monogram, underlying a formal approach that generates a degree of aloofness. The general form of the brand in question will, in any case, resemble an M.