Kids Creative Lab

A world to be imagined

6 – 11 years old / 26 June – 21 July 2023 / Discovering Art Languages / Villa Ada


RUFA – Rome University of Fine Arts opens its doors to children aged 6 to 11, offering cycles of artistic and creative activities in the summer period.
Over a period of 4 weeks, 4 themed courses focusing on art languages and different artistic techniques will take place: painting, printing and printmaking, sculpture, stop-motion animation, performing arts.

Taking their cue from different themes each time, the children will deepen their storytelling skills and, through various expressive possibilities, challenge themselves to discover individual skills and interests. Each week they will meet a professional teacher who, through the exploration of materials and tools, will lead them in experimenting with a specific expressive medium, enabling them to express themselves through a new language and to become aware of themselves and each other.

The projects in which the children will be involved aim to develop their creativity and preserve manual knowledge and craft skills that are often undervalued in school.

The creative workshop is ideal for boys and girls aged between 6 and 11.
The Campus will be open to a maximum of 20 children per day, who will be supervised by 1 educator for every 10 children.
The Campus will start once a minimum number of participants has been reached.

Monday to Friday from 8.30 am to 3.30 pm.

Villa Ada – in collaboration with Informadarte

Weekly cost: 260€/ week
Extra day: 55€/ day
The fee includes all art materials for the proposed activities, mid-morning snack and individual insurance.

There is a 20% discount on the participation of sisters and brothers.
Reservations are compulsory and a 10% discount will be granted if made by 9 June.


Book your place!


08:30 – Welcome
09:00 – Motor activities (yoga – dannce and movement) 
10:00 – Snack offered by RUFA
10:30/12:30 – Art workshop with RUFA professional/teacher
12:30/01:00 – Return of work done and cleaning of materials
01:00/02:00 – Packed lunch
02:00 – Reading workshop/language games (English-French) on the theme of the week  
03:00 – Free activity
03.30 – Exit


Lo spazio del colore ❯ 26 – 30 June


Lecturer: Fabrizio dell’Arno
Landscape is something we always consider outside of us. But how much can the environment we experience daily or a space to which we feel particularly attached be reflected in us? During the days of the week we will study various languages with which to narrate the landscape around and within us, skipping along the border between a natural, real environment and an imaginary one. During the workshop with painter Fabrizio Dell’Arno, the children will walk through the space of Villa Ada, looking for parts of themselves, places of affection, in this natural territory that is probably almost unknown to them. To do this, they will experiment with various painting techniques and tools, moving from a figurative style to a more abstract one, also re-igniting a dialogue with the natural element present in the urban space.


Marks imprinted in memory and matter ❯ 3 – 7 July


Lecturer: Lucia Sforza
The term illustrate is a bit of a cross between illuminate and show, so in its meaning it has inherent in it the desire to look better. This week is dedicated to re-educating our gaze and discovering new subjects and methods of perception. And it is precisely by opening up their gaze that the children will embark on a small illustrators’ course, in which step by step they will discover the various work phases required to produce a book (a work that is partly choral, partly individual) using different techniques and printing tools together with the illustrator Lucia Sforza.


Ti dico io chi sono ❯ 10 – 14 July


Lecturer: Davide Dormino
It can often seem easier to tell what a friend of ours looks like than what we look like, and often, rather than words, it is the lines of our face, the shape of our eyes or nose, the width of our forehead and even our expressions that reveal who we are, where we come from and what we look like. In order to read the world and weave the relationships that allow us to inhabit it, it is necessary to start with self-knowledge, and this week the gateway word is Identity. Starting with vision and listening exercises, the children will light up a new look at themselves and, during the workshop led by artist Davide Dormino, they will find in clay a material to express themselves and in its manipulation a new way of telling their stories.


Il paesaggio inizia da me ❯ 17 – 21 July


Lecturer: Simone Cametti
“Being able to hear the world from new listening points”, with these few words it is already possible to get a first idea of Simone Cametti’s artistic research. Letting themselves be inspired by his way of reading and investigating the surrounding environment, in this last week the children will switch on their senses (especially the less stimulated ones) to experience unprecedented perceptions of materials and traces of living beings, elements and natural forces that characterise the Villa’s territory. Under the guidance of the artist, they will create a performative experience that will see the body as the main instrument of investigation and starting point in measuring the world we inhabit.

Registration open. Book your place.


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