07:22 – 17:20

Double Exhibition of Visual Arts. Artists: Alice Papi and Giulia Rosini. Curated by Emma Brunelli. RUFA Space, from 2 to 7 February 2022.

7: 22-17: 20 stages a dialogue between Alice Papi’s paintings and Giulia Rosini’s drawings that takes place in the moments of half light. They tell us about those areas of ambiguity where the day joins the night, and the night with the day. A melancholy sense of lack and hiding permeates the works of the artists. This sense unfolds in evanescent and suspended atmospheres, on the border between wounds and the melancholy vision of possible crepuscular landscapes.

In Giulia Rosini’s drawings a violent content is fearlessly shown. Traumas suffered by the skin are discovered. As in a pornographic image, the bruise offers everything there is to see. There is a loss of the outside world.
The theme of beauty shows itself as a hiding place, an appearance. Explicitly revealing the content eliminates the enchantment of pictorial representation. Giulia enhances bruises which are at the same time, veil and non-veiled object: she formalizes the underlying void. The bruise is actually, the physical filling of a deep, emotional emptiness. It shows everything without actually revealing anything. It allows a glimpse of the white background, erotic cracks, the emptiness that it tries in every way to cover.

If Giulia’s work speaks of love and sexuality, Alice Papi instead shows us seduction and desire. The desire to slowly uncover and discover the accumulated layers, to seek answers. Denuding the painting, its soul, through a speech without an interlocutor. Desire that, therefore, is not satisfied, leaving a sense of dissatisfaction that seeks refuge in nature. This occurs inevitably causing a dissolution of forms, a loss of limits, a slow manifestation of an elsewhere where the gaze seeks and finds refuge. Alice through transparencies, glazes and stratifications desperately tries to preserve the beauty of the vision, protecting it from possible annihilation by the world.

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from 02.02.2022 to 07.02.2022
Via degli Ausoni, 7

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