GiardinoPlanetario_Fashion Performance

Giardino Planetario – Fashion Performance

On Thursday 13 June 2024, the Fashion Performance Giardino Planetario (‘Planetary Garden’), inspired by the thought of French philosopher and landscape architect Gilles Clément, took place at the Academy. A project by RUFA second-year students of Sustainable Fashion Design, with the support of Visual Arts, Computer Animation, and Set Design students.


“In the Planetary Garden, humanity is guardian, not mistress”.

Gilles Clément.



The Giardino Planetario (‘Planetary Garden’) by Gilles Clément is a revolutionary concept in the world of landscaping that celebrates biodiversity and promotes the harmonious co-existence between man and nature. This garden is designed as a dynamic ecosystem where native flora and fauna can thrive freely without any invasive human intervention. Each garden is unique and adapted to its local environment, offering refuge to wildlife and inviting people to reconnect with the natural world through immersive and educational experiences.

Sustainable Fashion Design students, with the supervision of course coordinator Guenda Cermel and lecturers Andrea Mennella, Valeria Oppenheimer, Irene Cerrati and Aleksandra Filipovic, have created a collection developed through three different themes: Cement, Moss e Bubble. Cement recounts human impact on the environment, Moss expresses the reconquest by Nature on man-made areas and Bubble focuses on the elements of water and air, essential for life.
The garments were made by the students of Sustainable Fashion Design in a responsible perspective, using certified, deadstock and fine fabrics. Fundamental to the creation of the outfits was the support of two of the most renowned Italian textile companies: MANTECO and Berto, strongly committed to responsible research and production.

The collection was unveiled to the public during the event through a three-act performance, conceived by visual arts students and curated by Bianca Polakova, with the supervisione of RUFA lecturer Marta Jovanović.




During the performance, visuals created by Computer Animation and Visual Effects students were projected, coordinated by the lecturer Giorgio Tiranti. The video animation intervention concluded with the projection of a work from the series ‘and the Garden created Man’ by artist Roberto Coda Zabetta.
Fil rouge of the ‘Planetary Garden’ event was the set design by the students of the Set Design course coordinated by the internationally renowned set designer and RUFA lecturer Maria Chiara Castelli.
The project is a metaphor for belonging to an ecosystem in which each student is called upon to practice eco-design through responsible actions.

‘Planetary Garden’ is the result of collaboration between different departments, an approach that fully reflects the spirit of creative contamination that has always existed at RUFA.

The performance will be preceded by a welcome drink, admission is open to all.


All designers and artists involved:

Fashion Designers: Davide Amato, Elisabetta Barruffo, Veronica Bellandi, Maria Benedetta Bertoncini, Elizia Giusy Cinquedita, Shana Antonia Di Maio, Luca Gaddini, Nadia Maggiani, Giulia Manente, Leonardo Messina, Virginia Passaro.

Performers: Federica Chiarucci, Bianca Rivetti Burattini, Lale Jo Kirschner, Chantal Spapens, Teresa Priour, Luisa Figueiredo, Diana Kuznetsova, Julia Vasconcelos, Clarisse Hermont, Sofia Arrendodno Vidal, Hafsa Moin, Rodrigo Martinez Soto, Eleonora Sgroi, Jasmine Lester, Angela Sanchez Ruiz, Jenna Smith.

Producer: Negin Fallah

VFX: Maxim Coppola, Francesco Di Giuda, Edoardo D’Olimpio, Alessio Marziali, Chiara Micciola, Paolo Zampese, Assia Peluso, Filippo Svevi, Camilla Conte.

Set designers: Flavia Filomena Attanasi, Giorgia Consalvi, Agata Costa, Camilla D’Aniello, Giorgia Loser, Gaia Lucibello, Rocco Salvatore Saponara, Anna Vanacore.

Light Design Consultant: Mario Catapano

Sound Design Consultant: Federico Landini

Models: Pavlina Holubova, Manuel Sparacca, Lara Amato, Djibril Diouf, Debora Micci.

Make-up Artist: Nina Valentini.

Via Giuseppe Libetta, 7

Event type

  • RUFA Culture