RUFA Open day is back on 14 September

RUFA Open day: positive energy that turns into training. On Saturday, September 30, Rome University of Fine Arts opens its doors to high school students, undergraduates and those who wish to continue their education in the wake of specialization. But that’s not all: the event represents the right opportunity to generate positive synergies between the stakeholders of the art system or, more simply, to visit a highly appreciated and recognized cultural reality.

A fundamental appointment, therefore, to get in touch with the lecturers, with the students who already attend the Academy of Fine Arts legally recognized by the Miur and with the staff that, daily, manages the different organizational and programmatic functions. It will also be possible to interact with the referents of the orientation sector, to better understand their attitudes and thus facilitate the decision-making process.

The appointment is in via degli Ausoni 7, at RUFA Pastificio Cerere, in the heart of the San Lorenzo district, the artistic soul of Rome. From here the shuttles will allow you to move in the laboratories and classrooms that will host lectures and workshops. It will be possible to participate in interesting workshops and, through the exchange of opinions, to relate with those who have completed their studies, resolving doubts and perplexities.

RUFA, for this particular day, has planned paths to observe and make art, interacting spontaneously in the physical conceptualization of thought. And if you wish, you can register for the next session of admission exams.
Need to add more? Before living the stories as a protagonist, you have to write them down. RUFA has made available everything you need: words, emotions, looks and expectations can now be freely imprinted, in the simple knowledge that you are looking for yourself.

With the beginning of the new academic year, RUFA training offer will take shape following the guidelines of internationalization and innovation, with the provision of some courses in English. 2019 is therefore important for RUFA: not only is it celebrating the second decade since the beginning of the lessons, but it is laying the foundations of what the future will be, in the awareness of the ever-increasing role that creativity is called upon to play in contemporary society.

Appointment in via degli Ausoni, 7 – from 10.00 a.m. at RUFA Pastificio Cerere.

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