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Illusioni Illustrate

15 illustrators x 12 major arcana

Exhibition by Graphic Design – Comics and Illustration students.
Illustrators: Cecilè Barailler, Federica Bruno, Giulia Carboniero, Emanuele D’innocenzo, Leonardo De Carolis, Arianna Di Donato, Bianca Lazarel, Ji Hee Park, Yasmin Pellegrini Hashmi, Manuel Pintus, Michele Saporito, Antonietta Saulino, Elisa Tammaro, Giulia Visintin, Sofia Wood.
Graphic design: Paolo Buonaiuto, Emanuele D’Innocenzo,Leonardo De Carolis, Arianna Di Donato, Bianca Florentina Lazarel, Yasmin Pellegrini Hashmi, Ji Hee Park, Elisa Tammaro, Sofia Wood.
Exhibition Coordination: Paolo Buonaiuto.

Illusioni Illustrate (‘Illustrated Illusions’) is an extraordinary exhibition celebrating the art of tarot and the emerging talent of Graphic Design students majoring in Comics & Illustrations. This valuable exhibition presents a unique collection of tarot cards, created by a selection of promising young illustrators from different cultural spheres, all in the second year of the 2021-2023 academic course.

Each panel on display is an independent work of art reflecting the illustrator’s personal view of the Major Arcana. Each student independently chose 12 major arcana, guided by their symbolic meaning, with the aim of completing a complete deck. The students created a wide range of interpretations, using different artistic techniques, including watercolours, coloured pencils, engravings and digital techniques.

Through their creations, the students not only transmit the traditional interpretation of tarot, but also offer new perspectives and contemporary meanings. Each tarot card becomes a canvas on which the artist paints his own story, revealing symbolism, emotions and images suggestive reflecting the experiences and aspirations of a new generation of creatives.

Illustrated Illusions offers visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in a magical and mysterious world, in which art merges with symbolism and psychology. The exhibition invites the public to interpret tarot cards through the eyes of illustration students, opening the door to a multiplicity of perspectives and personal interpretations.

Acknowledgements: Elizabeth Frolet
Technical Partner: SP Systema



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from 06.06.2023 to 09.06.2023
Via degli Ausoni 7

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  • RUFA Culture

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  • Graphic Design - Comics and Illustration