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When the feathers fall

Exhibition: School of Photography and Audiovisual. Curated by Giada Cicchetti with the coordination of the lecturer Michele Palazzi. Artists: Claudia Coppola, Flavia Corsetti, Angelica Di Done, Lorenzo Ferranti, Sara Galletta, Sabrina Marchionne, Eloisa Pacini, Chiara Preti, Serena Radicioli, Beatrice Salomone. RUFA Space from 6 to 10 September 2021.

“When the feathers fall” captures the spontaneity of observing, discovering, understanding and modifying the body in its physicality, in its imperfections and rarities. The images in the exhibition use different languages to retrace an introspective journey towards the body as a means of self-knowledge and rediscovery.

The materiality of the body is the cornerstone around which the artists have developed their personal reflections, some searching for the relationship between nature and the body, others questioning the relationship between the body and culture, others looking to their own experience for a track to follow. The metamorphosis thus becomes the leitmotif of a path that rediscovers and brings back to the centre the body as the essential material and form of the personal identity, and at the same time tries to look beyond, abandoning the now dead skin and preparing for the moult. The visual journey unfolds as a single discourse through the images of 10 artists who, united in the same space, create new connections and meanings. The prints themselves become bodies and take shape in the space, dialoguing with each other. In this way, the exhibition aims to be a choreographic expression of many bodies and voices that tell their stories and show their authenticity, naked and without feathers.

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We would like to thank PassePartout Persia for sponsoring the frames of the works.

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from 06.09.2021 to 10.09.2021
Via degli Ausoni, 7

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