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RUFA Academy is open to outside ideas and input, whether they are educational or professional. To be better-known by other institutions, RUFA has embarked on a public relations and public presentations journey, aimed at sharing content and the educational programs with students, families, lecturers and associated professionals. RUFA Guidance Office is open throughout the year and organizes individual meetings and group presentations so that students get to know the Academy, its training programs, admission procedures and requirements. It also provides a career guidance service to help students make the best choice-

A job afterwards.
One of the issues that most concerns parents and students is what professional opportunities will be available to students once they complete their academic studies. The Guidance Office actively supports students who are interested in internships and apprenticeships through updated information and practical opportunities with companies that collaborate with the Academy.

These are just some of the activities developed by RUFA to ensure that an increasing number of families get to know the Academy and understand its deep sense of commitment in providing a concrete professional future to its students.
For information and appointments:
Guidance Office and School Relations
Tel. +39 06 855 84 35

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