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The Grandparents’ Day arrives. RUFA makes the calendar

The “Festa dei Nonni – Millepiazze”, the campaign of Senior Italia FederAnziani that, in view of the Grandparents’ Day that will be celebrated on October 2, promotes through the Foundation of the same name over a month of initiatives in support of the over 65s. Projects and appointments throughout the country to celebrate the role of grandparents and highlight the irreplaceable value they represent within the family and society, to provide an opportunity for reflection on their problems and offer solutions, and to support Seniors Social Centers as essential reference points for seniors.

Thursday 14 September The contents of the campaign are presented in Rome at a meeting and sharing of the initiatives, which brought together the associations, partners, institutions, companies and personalities from the entertainment world who have given their support to the initiative. Exceptional testimonial of the campaign is the comedian and actor Giovanni Vernia who for the occasion wrote and played an entertaining television and web commercial in which he touches with irony the theme of the importance of the role of grandparents in everyday life.

The spot will be broadcast by Mediaset Networks in Mediafriends social communication spaces.

The campaign includes a widespread work of citizen awareness through a Road Show with a camper that will tour the major squares of Italy. On that occasion it will be possible to buy the Calendario dei Nonni, created by RUFA student Claudia Spada, with the coordination of the teacher Claudia Illuzzi, and thus contribute to the fundraising campaign. Donations can also be made through the Iban IT36 J020 0805 1330 0010 2971 115 (Senior Italy Foundation РUNICREDIT BANCA SPA) and through the website of the Foundation

These are the locations and dates of the Road Show: Milan, September 16 and 17; Turin, September 19; Vicenza, September 21; Bologna, September 23 and 24; Fermo, September 26; Pescara, September 28; Rome, September 30, October 1 and 2; Naples, October 4 and 5; Bari, October 7 and 8; Matera, October 10; Cosenza, October 12; Catania, October 14 and 15.