Roberta Folliero inaugurates her personal exhibition Handmade

This evening the collective In Situ, composed of former RUFA students of visual arts, presents a new stage of its exhibition process, each time animated by a solo show dedicated to one of its members. This time it’s Roberta Folliero’s turn, who with the exhibition entitled “Handmade” gives proof of her artistic maturity and testifies the growth of her research. Her solo show is part of the cycle “Assurdit√† contemporanee” (Contemporary absurdities) and although presenting different works on a purely formal level, she shares with the other artists, previously exhibited in Situ, the same concerns that push her to investigate the modus vivendi of the new generations, sucked by the dizzying frenzy of contemporary society, accelerated time and the increasingly pressing industrialized consumerism. This exhibition presents itself as an aseptic space in which the works are suspended, taking the viewer into a parallel time. The artist offers the possibility to see all the tapes of his work: Il Non-fatto (sketch of an abandoned idea, which awaits, however, a new opportunity to exist), il Non-finito (radical gesture that cites avant-garde artists) and, finally, the complete project that testifies the feasibility of the desired project. A hanging tombolin underlines the importance of the support, of the surface, bringing his art closer to that of painting.

The embroidered canvases ask the user about the production time of the works, the hours spent for their creation, are neither Made in Taiwan or China, they are handmade, with the sensitivity and patience of the artist. A search for authenticity that today reveals the absurd, like embroidering on a plastic, the past that meets the present in a space outside of all the dynamics of today’s society. Roberta Folliero invites us to get out of our time, from the daily stress to give us with a melancholic eye, an instant to detach, reflect and relax in the midst of these spectral forms. The exhibition closes on a fundamental question: the plastic sheets are used to protect other objects just of the inevitable passage of time, but what will protect the sheets themselves? Will the work pass through time or will time mark the end of the work? The young artist lets us foreshadow, as in all her works, the fatality of art, sweet irony of existence. Until October 7, info:

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