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RUFA e Scomodo insieme per la rigenerazione – Evento e Call for artist

RUFA – Rome University of Fine Arts has started a new collaboration with Scomodo, a reality founded in 2016 by a group of guys with the aim of developing a concrete reaction to that system of great failures that has characterized the reality of the city of Rome. Among the various initiatives that Scomodo is putting in place with the aspiration to inaugurate a new cultural model on which to base a way of understanding the city that makes it different and more alive, there is SpazioScomodo a place open to all in which to cultivate and share their passions and in which art will therefore play a fundamental role. With the aim of financing the project, on 5 and 6 November, Scomodo will be at the Macro Asilo with the event (Ri)generazione Scomodo, to make its proposal known and seek help to achieve it.

RUFA will take part in the event by participating in the following talks:

Be an artist, instructions for use
Starting with the provocation of the title, professionals in the art world think about what it takes to be an artist today, driven by a student of the academy.
Matteo Boetti | Gallery Bibo’s Place
Flavio Orlando | Young Roman artist
Davide Dormino | Artist and RUFA sculpture course lecturer
Reading room at 18.00

6 November 2019
Art makes room
In the future SpazioScomodo has been designed different environments to devote to art, but what is the best way to exploit them? Three important Roman realities will try to provide inspiration by telling their answer.

Giorgio de Finis | MAAM
Dionigi Mattia Gagliardi | Colour number
Enrico Parisio | Graphic Design Course RUFA lecturer
Auditorium at 18.00

During the event (Ri)generazione Scomodo 10 works by young artists will be exhibited and can be purchased by the public. The entire profits will be used to finance the SpazioScomodo project.

With this objective in mind, Scomodo has launched a Call for Artist.

All RUFA students are invited to submit their own work, which may be selected for exhibition at Macro Asilo. In addition, the selected works and artists will be presented in a special issue of Scomodo dedicated to them.
To participate in (Re)Generation Scomodo you must send a photo of the work you want to propose to the email address, by Friday, October 25 at 18:00.

Technical specifications Call for artist:
– the work can be made with any medium, as long as it can be reproduced in several copies, one of which will become part of the “collection” of Scomodo, easily transportable and available (for example for canvases or prints max 100 x 70 cm).
– For the selection Scomodo will follow the same principle with which it makes the newspaper, the works will be presented at a meeting and all together will choose them.
– Those who will be selected will then be contacted to discuss how to produce and participate in the event.