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Mundo fanzinero – Do It Yourself. From workshop to exhibition.

What is, or rather, how does a fanzine work? The exhibition Mundo fanzinero – Do It Yourself, promoted by IILA Istituto Italo-Latino Americano in collaboration with Rufa, wants to answer this question. What is proposed is an overview of South American fanzines that Aro Varse has found in different countries and collected over the years. In addition to the collection of the Mexican artist, host and president of IILA, are the fanzines created by a Brigade of Rufa students during a workshop of Ilaria Bussoni and Aro Varse on editorial self-production, and produced thanks to the invaluable collaboration of Tipografare, historical partner of the Academy.
Here is the story of the workshop and the opening night of the exhibition that will remain open to visitors until November 25th, in the exhibition space of Rufa Space.