International week 2018. Here are the selected projects.

Many students have applied again this year to participate in the International Week film contest on the theme “Gender Equality”, and here is the highly anticipated response.
The projects selected for this year’s edition by professors Amoruso and Zabala and then approved by Sylvie Page, professor at the University of Mainz, are:

1. “Abuse” by A. Altieri, A. Dattola, A. Pisano, C. Dubas, E. Ricci, Y. Palishchuk, M. Ruvolo
Roma Aliena” L. Rubino and M. Orlandi
3. “Split” by M. Gorgoglione, S. Ruggieri, E. Carini, Gamze Alkis, L. Verlezza
4. ”Leoni e tigri” by Francesca Ranucci
5. “Empowerment” by Chiara Casale
6. “The Unruly Muse” by Andree Lucini

We remind participants that the video must be delivered to the Communication Office (if not possible at the front desk in Via Benaco…) in DCP format by Monday 12 February. The screening will take place at the Capitol cinema in Mainz on April 19, 2018, where the works of the selected students of the 7 academies participating in the International Week 2018 from the following countries will also be shown: Chile, Germany, Israel, Italy, Poland, Spain, Portugal.
Each author (or group of authors) of the 6 above mentioned projects will be able to make a single request to the Cinema Service to have video equipment, microphones and lights, which must take place in January. The request for material must be made by e-mail to the Cinema Service. The students of the Cinema course Francesca Ranucci, Chiara Casale and Andree Lucini can request the equipment themselves. If filming equipment, audio or lighting is required for one of the three other projects, students must include at least one filming student of the 2nd or 3rd year of the Bachelor’s degree course or the 2nd year of the Master’s degree course in Cinematographic Art (Master’s Degree), the latter must sign the responsibility sheet for the required filming equipment. This is because the first year students (both Bachelor’s and Second level) are not yet qualified to shoot with film equipment independently, or, are not enrolled in the Cinema course (case of the animation collective). Finally, we remind you that the coordinator of the 1. Level Cinema course Prof. Andres R. Zabala is available for further clarification, and receives by appointment every Monday from 1400 to 1500 in the meeting room at Via Benaco 2. Mail:

Congratulations and good luck!