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TERMINIDIDENTITÀ.Starts the contest supported by RomaID, Mercato Centrale Roma and RUFA

Today starts the contest for artists, designers, illustrators and students supported by RomaID, Mercato Centrale Roma and Rufa.


For 155 years, Termini Station has been welcoming the citizens of the world to the Eternal City. Millions of people, each with its own history, identity, dreams, the desire to immerse themselves in the city that has no equal in the world, or simply citizens who come in and out of the station to go to and from work. Today Termini is no longer just the “terminal” of the traveler, but more and more a place to live fully. Historical architecture has taken shape thanks to the many activities present, capable of transforming the station into a beating heart of the life of the traveller, the tourist and the citizen. A place that is quickly finding a new identity, becoming a reference point for thousands of people who live it in their free time and not only for its travel function.

So the creators of RomaID, the project that designs the new visual identity of Rome involving the Romans in first person, together with Mercato Centrale Roma, a place of excellence where culture and food merge by vocation, and Rufa, the international educational center where you contribute to the development and growth of young talents, have established the first edition of “Terminididentità”, a unique contest.

A jury of experts led by Solo, the internationally renowned Roman street artist, will select by March 30 the best 10 works that will remain on display at the Mercato Centrale Roma for a week and will be voted online on the official website and on the official social channels. At the end of the week of exposure, the most voted illustration will become part of RomaID merchandising and the illustrator will receive, in addition to the expected premium, offered by the insurance agency Assit ( and Cieffe Consulting (, a percentage of product sales. Two further prizes will be awarded to the best illustration created by Rufa students and the most voted illustration online.

The goal is to strengthen the bond with the territory, enhancing the Esquilino district and the Station as a place of social gathering, reaffirm Roma Termini as a symbol of the city and discover new illustration talents and support them in their artistic journey.

Today, during the presentation to the press, the Call to Action was launched to artists, graphic designers, illustrators and students, especially those who attend the Rufa, to create an artistic illustration of Termini Station.

The award ceremony will take place on the occasion of an evening event, held at the Mercato Centrale Roma on April 12, 2018, in the presence of renowned illustrators.
national and international. The exhibition will also include two works of street poetry created for the occasion by Decle and Er Pinto, two established poets of
street of the Roman scene, who will write two poems dedicated to Termini Station and reproduce them in two installations.
On each product sold, moreover, RomaID will donate part of the proceeds to RomaID Cares, the association that raises funds to help children with type 1 diabetes mellitus.

NB. Participation in the Contest will allow students to acquire 1 CFA.