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A competition to remember the horror of anti-Semitism with an illustration

If illustration was used for the propaganda of fascist racial laws, which trampled on the rights of Italian Jews, today it is the same illustration that draws a warning to the new generations. Cartoons on The Bay, the international festival of cross-media animation and children’s TV, organized by RAI, launches a Contest for young students on the theme “1938 – 2018 Eighty years of racial laws in Italy. The world of comics and animation remember the horror of anti-Semitism”.
The students are asked to make a drawing / illustration dedicated to the theme, the winner will have the opportunity to see their work exhibited at the homonymous exhibition.

The deadline is February 1st.

Below are the technical specifications and timing for the realization of the contribution:
– A3 / A4 format
– Free Technique
– Colors / black and white
– Supplied in original or digital format

Address for sending the original:
Rai Com Spa – Editorial staff Cartoons on the Bay
Via Umberto Novaro 18, 00195 Roma Drafting Cartoons on the Bay

Address for digital sending: