2018 Future of Europe – International poster exhibition

Another exciting opportunity for RUFA students to test themselves in an international context. The Czech Council for Foreign Relations in cooperation with the Institute of International Relations in Prague and the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung launched an international art competition on the theme “2018 – The Future of Europe”. The students of the academy are asked to express their creativity by designing a 100 x 70 poster.
The future of Europe is in the hands of the new generations, who will have to express their vision of the world they would like to live in through this competition.
If we know what kind of Europe we would like to live in in the future, we can start acting now.
The selected works will be exhibited during an exhibition and listed in a specially created catalog, while there will be cash prizes for the best:

First prize – 600euro
Second prize – 400euro
Third prize – 320euro
To participate it is necessary to apply by May 8th through form