RUFA is partner of Sonar + D

Sónar + D is back, from 13 to 16 June in Barcelona, ​​the most popular event in Barcelona for music and innovation fans. It is one of the most authoritative European meetings of the contemporary art scene, built on a set of activities united by a single common thread: the relationship between creativity and technology. Also this year RUFA is partner of the big event, and students will enjoy important discounts.
Among the participants in the first five years of the event there are names like Björk, Brian Eno, Bruce Sterling, Skrillex, Matthew Herbert, Yancey Strickler (Kickstarter), Google Artists and Machine Intelligence, Google Magenta, Kate Crawford, Aaron Koblin, Chris Milk , Jean Michel Jarre, James Murphy, David Cuartielles (Arduino), LittleBits, School for Poetic Computation, United Nations VR, ustwo games (Monument Valley), United Visual Artists, Daito Manabe, Spotify, Microsoft Research, Vimeo and many others. Scientific research institutions such as the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, the ALMA Astronomical Observatory and universities such as MTG (Universitat Pompeu Fabra), Royal College of Art, Queen Mary University of London, IED or La Salle have chosen Sónar + D to showcase their projects .

Sónar + D is held every June along with Sónar, the pioneering Barcelona music festival created by Advanced Music, recognized since 1994 as one of the most important events for experimental culture in Europe.
For information on the program and artists: https://sonar.es/