Open Day / Open Time – an entire day dedicated to the RUFA community

September 22nd was the day of the first times. As usual, it was possible to meet staff, teachers and students, ready to share the positive RUFA energy. The aspiring students visited the spaces and laboratories of the various Academy buildings. The introductory lectures on the various teaching courses and the practical experiments of the creative professions, such as cinema, photography, painting, sculpture, set design and graphic design, filled the morning. But that is not all. For the first time, during the Open Time, from 15.00 onwards it was possible to visit the newly renovated spaces inside the former Pastificio Cerere.
Overall, this is a total area of ​​about 1500 square meters. RUFA, on the second floor, has placed, in memory of the original intended use, the Semolina: an open space, in a decidedly New York style, between windows and terraces that can be used for events and cultural joint ventures. In addition to the already known RUFA Space, which hosts exhibitions and debates, the fourth floor has also been enhanced with multi – functional classrooms, a design – lab, 3D machines, milling machines and numerically controlled printers.
Finally, the big surprise was the RUFA Arena: a street soccer field overlooking the rooftops of the city.
The afternoon went on between talk, music and meetings to end with a terrace party Semoleria.
Camilla Bellini, designer and influencer, told her career between study and social; Zerocalcare, dosed comics and current events, the Ultravioletto kept everyone in suspense during their performance, the Zeroflow had fun, the teacher Gianluca Gentili and the student Filippo Gualazzi did dance with their dj set.
A day that we will hardly forget.

RUFA Open Day - Settembre 2018