Sculpture and Installations

RUFA, new appointment with the “Solo Exhibition”.

The “Solo Exhibition” were born as a challenge for the students of Rufa’s three years of visual arts, specifically Painting and Sculpture, to allow them to make a first constructive and real exercise of what it means to exhibit one or more works in a specific space.
It is in this particular context that Giulia Di Franco’s work, entitled “Leave Solid Ground”, finds a response. The exhibition will take place at RUFA Space, in via degli Ausoni 7, starting at 4 p.m. on Wednesday 13 March.

The work of Giulia Di Franco wants to be a careful and silent analysis of the surrounding, respecting the natural laws of man and nature. The artist accompanies the observer in a story of furrows and traces, of paths built or destroyed, then recreated with the desire to see and immortalize the consequence of what has been. In this way we can admire paths of natural elements subject to the passing of time. Visions and images of the earth, water and nature become testimonies of faces and people encountered along the way. The means of expression is photography: Giulia Di Franco knows how to be delicate and precise, constant and peaceful. Vigilant of her action, of her passage and of her characteristics, of the modalities she chooses and that belong to her.