“F come Frontiera” meeting with Fiamma Montezemolo

The program of #OfficineRufa starts again with Fiamma Montezemolo, visual artist and anthropologist. The talk with the artist will focus on the issue of the Frontier, a key element of her poetics, and one of the keys to understanding contemporary geopolitics. What are frontiers, how are they (re)produced and how do they work? We will talk about this with one of the most interesting artists of her generation. The meeting is curated by Nicolas Martino.

The other is no more or perhaps never was and no more than me or you. We are all others, we are all natives of one place or another… In the frontier I discover that the native is not automatically better or worse as such. I discover that the drama is our infinite projections on that native, what we try to make of him or her.
[Fiamma Montezemolo]

Fiamma Montezemolo, artist and cultural anthropologist, teaches in the department of cinema and digital studies at the University of California at Davis. She has specialized in the production of artistic works on the theme of frontier, with particular interest in geo-political and methodological frontiers. She works with different media, including video, installation, ethnography. She has exhibited her works in various public and private spaces, both in Italy and abroad, and is represented by the Magazzino gallery in Rome. On his work came out the monograph by Anna Cestelli Guidi, Fiamma Montezemolo. Dell’inquetudine/Of Disquiet (Postmediabooks, 2018).

#OfficineRufa is an articulated program of cultural and artistic initiatives addressed to the student community of the Academy and open to the whole city. A series of meetings, debates and stories with some of the most relevant actors of the contemporary cultural scene, an abecedarium of artistic practices starting, always, from a keyword. The program is promoted by the steering committee of Rufa Space.

Appointment at Pastificio Cerere on Friday 14 December 2018 at 15.30 | RUFA Space | via degli Ausoni, 7