CIANS, co/workshop at the Macro in Rome on January 29 with Minister Alberto Bonisoli

It will be held Tuesday, January 29, starting at 10 am, at the Macro Museum of Rome (Via Nizza 138), the co/workshop organized by the Coordination of Non-State Afam Institutions to take stock of the system of high artistic, musical and choreutic training in Italy.

The structural and organizational union between conference and workshop, undertaken by Cians, is, of course, desired. A conference, for the need to open up to the world, to create networks and synergies, to be accredited from the academic point of view, to acquire relevance on the scientific front and to walk the road of media visibility. A workshop, to generate growth, to choose the right and correct alternative, to undertake a path free from the worries, but also to provide useful information to ministerial bodies involved in the training sector. And it is precisely in this confrontation that the kermesse shows all its usefulness: at the meeting, in fact, will be present the Minister for Cultural Heritage and Activities Prof. Alberto Bonisoli, who will precede the intervention of President Cians arch. Fabio Mongelli and many other experts.
The objective of the Afam institutions adhering to Cians is clear: to build a cognitive itinerary addressed not only to artists, professionals and intellectuals, but especially to new generations, students and the community in general.

The co/workshop – in order to briefly determine the idea of the initiative – wants to be a hybrid and innovative system of institutional communication: the first part of the day, starting at 10 a.m. at the opening of the Museum of Contemporary Art, will be accessible to the public, will explore the planet Afam and will allow to listen to the voices of the government; the second part, starting at 3 p.m., is dedicated to planning. There will be four operational tables that will discuss topics related to academic training in the artistic field. The aim is to produce a document to be delivered to the Government. A “codex simplex” to unite visual art, design, music and fashion.